Grafton Sporting Car Club inc

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The Grafton Sporting Car Club had its beginning in 1955 on a section of unsealed road climbing a steep hill on the outskirts of South Grafton. A group of twelve motoring enthusiasts with no experience of motor sport conducted a very basic hillclimb using a flag to signal the start and a stopwatch at the finish for timing. This event on a Sunday afternoon began the movement which would lead to the formation of a Sporting Car Club in Grafton on 28 June 1955.


So the Grafton Sporting Car Club began at a hillclimb 60 years ago and through its history the Club has established and enhanced its reputation for its presentation of outstanding hillclimbs from Club level events to State and National Championships.


From a humble beginning from the conduct of hillclimbs and quarter mile sprints on public roads, the Club has developed to the present day of ownership of a 67 hectare property at Mountainview featuring a 968 metre challenging hillclimb incorporating a 560 metre sprint kart circuit. The Club has a well deserved and long standing reputation for its organisation of hillclimb and sprint kart events. The facilities for competitors are outstanding including canteen services and overnight camping.


Our Club extends a warm welcome to all motor sport competitors to enjoy the facilities and surrounds of the Mountainview Motor Sport Complex while challenging your driving skills during a great day of competition. 


26/11/2021 - Meeting minutes from the 2021 AGM are now live and can be found on the club meeting page

26/11/2021 - Historic hillclimb page has been reactivated with information about the annual event and an article done by The Oily Rag. Club meeting page has now been activated and will be where the meeting minutes can be found (currently coorolating meeting minutes and will update that page when i can.) Historic results will be available soon as well so keep an eye out for those.

25/10/2021 - Christmas Party and award presentation set for the 20th of November to be held at Mountainview! please RSVP by the 10th of November by emailing the secretary or calling the numbers below.
 Graeme Hicks  0427007075
 Graham Merry   0408662656
 Neil Thompson  0428710856

16/10/2021 - The October Monthly Meeting has been Cancelled. The next Monthly Meeting  will be held on 11th November before  the AGM at 7.30 PMJabour Park South Grafton

28/09/2021 - Working Bee rescheduled to the 9th october due to the long weekend.

27/09/2021 - Round One Results - "CLICK ME"

                   - Round One Splits - "CLICK ME"

21/09/2021 - Round One Hillclimb Entry list "CLICK ME!"

12/09/2021 - Round one has been rescheduled for the 26th of september please see the link for a letter from the secretary regarding this.

Letter from the secretary - "Click me"

9/08/2021 - Round 1 Entry list "CLICK ME"

-list is being posted early so people can check to make sure they are in the correct class, if you are meant to be on the list or wish to withdraw place contact Kerry at

30/072021 - Rescheduled Round 1 entries now open